Why is school choice such a big issue for La Palma?
Although a small community of only about 1.8 square miles, La Palma is served by five different school districts, two of which have no schools in La Palma. School districts were formed long before cities developed and have not changed much to adjust to the development patterns which emerged. Often, prospective residents either do not ask about schools or look at closest schools which may not be the home schools based on these archaic boundaries. Changing boundaries is very difficult and due to state funding which is based on enrollment, districts are understandably reluctant to allow children to transfer out of the district. Home schools outside of the community however, do not build a sense of community and prevent children from being able to walk or bike to school and in some cases requiring bussing where it would otherwise not be needed.

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1. Why is school choice such a big issue for La Palma?
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