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Posted on: September 12, 2018

Reminder about Law Enforcement Helicopters

OC Sheriff Helicopter

Sometimes during specific incidents where an aerial observer would be beneficial, the La Palma Police Department will request a helicopter to provide mutual aid assistance.The availability of this specialized resource is a prime example of the ongoing cooperation among Orange County’s law enforcement partners. While a law enforcement helicopter is an excellent tool, its mere presence can cause concern in the community.  

Our Police Dispatchers frequently receive a large influx of calls inquiring about the presence of a helicopter, and these calls can tie up critical phone lines while the Dispatcher is busy trying to coordinate law enforcement resources for the incident.  While we urge residents with specific information regarding a law enforcement incident to call the Police Department, it is just as important to NOT call the Police Department to simply inquire about the presence of a law enforcement helicopter.  

If there is an active known threat or concern to the community, the City will attempt to notify those affected using a variety of methods, including: verbal commands over public address systems, door-to-door knocking, reverse 911 calls using AlertOC, and social media posts. 

In general, if you see a law enforcement helicopter near your home, we recommend that you stay inside, lock your doors/windows, and immediately report any suspicious activity.

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