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Posted on: August 22, 2018

Community Meeting


The City contracted with NUVIS to address the current state and lackluster appearance of the arterial street median islands due to the State’s drought regulations prohibiting watering turf in the medians. The new median landscape designs address the following areas:

  • Drought tolerant landscaping;
  • Safety concerns with the current status of the median’s tree inventory;
  • Re-grading of the medians to capture the irrigation and storm water runoff to meet storm water regulation compliance;
  • And a consistent median island design for all of the City roadway medians.

There are five arterials with 3.85 miles of median islands, as follows, that encompass the project scope of work. They include:

  • La Palma Ave. (East City Limit to West City Limit – 1.5 miles): 16 islands
  • Moody St. (South City Limits to North City Limits – 0.7 miles): 12 islands
  • Walker St. (Orangethorpe Ave. to Bransford Dr. – 0.10 miles): 2 islands
  • Orangethorpe Ave. (East City Limits to West City Limits – 0.7 miles): 11 islands
  • Valley View St. (South City Limits to North City Limits –  0.85 miles): 7 islands

At the meeting, residents will have an opportunity to ask questions and learn about the new designs for the street median landscape. In addition, staff from NUVIS will be giving a brief presentation on their proposals. 

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