Goals 2018

At its annual Goal Setting and Strategic Planning Session on January 26, 2018, the La Palma City Council discussed a variety of issues, with the following proposed Priority Goals for 2018: 

Engage in Proactive Economic Development, including:

  • Developing a Specific Plan for the Brookside Apartments complex
  • Reviewing the PND Zoning Requirements as part of the ongoing Zoning Change Project
  • Encouraging the development of a hotel (Multiyear Goal)
  • Investigating legal cannabis uses in the Industrial Zone
  • Encourage and/or facilitate enhanced architecture design and/or niche shopping areas within current strip mall locations

Invest in Community Improvements, including:

  • Finding a location and building a Dog Park utilizing Park Development Funds
  • Adding Exercise Equipment to Central Park in the FY 2018-19 Budget utilizing Park Development Funds
  • Redesigning and refurbishing Medians throughout City (Multiyear Goal from 2017)
  • Upgrading security at City facilities (Multiyear Goal from 2017)

Improve communications with the public through:

  • Conducting Bi-annual citywide surveys
  • Increasing Police Interaction in neighborhoods
  • Taking steps to videocast Council Meetings (Multiyear Goal)

Continue working for a permanent solution on School District Boundaries that allows La Palma children to attend La Palma schools