Goals 2017

On January 27, 2017, the La Palma City Council conducted its annual Strategic Planning and Goal Setting Session. Discussion topics included: Pensions and Other Post Employment Benefits, Infrastructure Needs and Capital Improvement Projects, Citizen Committees, City Programs and Services, Economic Development, Staffing, School District Boundaries, and Miscellaneous Projects. 

Attain Fiscal Sustainability while maintaining frontline services, including:

  • Examining options for restructuring the City’s unfunded retirement liability
  • Fully funding the Other Post‐Employment Benefits (OPEB) Trust
  • Modifying the City’s financial policies

Complete Labor Negotiations

  • Complete by June 2017

Continue working for School District Boundaries that allow La Palma children to attend La Palma schools

Engage in Proactive Economic Development, including:

  • Encouraging redevelopment of the Brookside Apartments complex
  • Encouraging the development of a hotel
  • Encourage enhanced architecture design and niche shopping areas within current strip mall locations

Invest in Community Improvements, including:

  • Redesigning medians to address drought restrictions
  • Increasing maintenance of vines on arterial walls
  • Repainting arterial block walls as appropriate
  • Investigating options for a future dog park
  • Upgrading security at City facilities

Invest in Technology, including:

  • Updating the City’s website and investigating fiscal transparency software options
  • Investing in code enforcement software
  • Investigating videocasting Council Meetings