Land Use Designations and Controls

This Housing Element update reflects current General Plan land use designations that respond to the needs of the City. The City will continue to monitor changes in State law related to housing that could affect City land use regulations and process any amendments that may be necessary to comport with new legislation.

In recent years, the State Legislature has adopted several bills addressing housing production and established that if a residential addition or a remodel construction complies with Municipal Code standards and does not require a variance, then the City shall approve it administratively without a public hearing. The City will review and amend its residential addition and remodel review process in the Municipal Code and process an Ordinance accordingly to ensure Municipal Code compliant residential additions and remodels are reviewed and approved administratively.

The City will also continue to monitor changes in State housing law related to accessory dwelling units (ADUs) and amend City regulations as necessary to ensure conformance with State law.