Cross Connection Control Program

Cross Connection Control
A cross connection is the point at which any unwanted domestic, commercial, or industrial water from a customer’s system can flow back into the City’s water distribution system. This unwanted flow is called backflow. Backflow can be caused by numerous conditions but is typically due to the pressure of a customer’s water system exceeding that of the City’s water distribution system.

Backflow Prevention Device Assemblies
Backflow prevention device assemblies prevent the backflow of potentially contaminated or polluted water into the City’s distribution system by using “-check-” or “-anti-siphon-” valves.

In order to protect the City’s water distribution system, the La Palma Water Division oversees the installation, testing and maintenance of the approximately 225 backflow prevention device assemblies currently installed in La Palma.

Cooperative Efforts
Although it is the customer’s responsibility to maintain backflow prevention device assemblies, La Palma Water Division staff works closely with the Orange County Health Care Agency (OCHCA), the City’s Community Development Department, consultants and contractors to assure that proper backflow prevention device assemblies are installed and are tested annually.

Annual Maintenance and Testing Process
The California Code of Regulations and the City of La Palma require water users at locations where backflow prevention devices are installed to maintain their assemblies “in a continuous state of good repair and test the devices annually."

To ensure your backflow device remains in good operating order and in compliance, follow these simple steps:

Mail a copy of the completed test report to:
Orange Health Care Agency
1241 E. Dyer Rd, Suite 120
Santa Ana, CA 92705-5611

Mail the original completed report to:
City of La Palma Public Works Department
7821 Walker St.
La Palma, CA 90623-1771

Tester Requirements
The annual tests must be performed by a backflow device tester that is certified by the OCHCA. Therefore, you may only use a tester that is currently on the OCHCA approved testers list.

The OCHCA maintains a cross connection web site that includes:

  • A code of conduct for backflow testers
  • A list of responsibilities for backflow testers
  • The list of currently OCHCA approved testers

For additional information regarding La Palma's Cross Connection Program, please call the Public Works Department at (714) 690-3310.