Recreation & Community Services

La Palma_Stock Photoshoot_22_12_15-0871Department Mission

"The La Palma Recreation and Community Services Department makes a positive difference in our community by encouraging citizen involvement, fostering human development, and strengthening community through people, parks, and programs."

Department Vision

"Sustaining and supporting La Palma as a 21st Century hometown by creating community through people, parks, and programs."

Department Structure

The Recreation & Community Services Department is comprised of four divisions:

Youth and Family Services includes programs such as Tiny Tots, Day Camps, and Teen events which address a primary goal of building strong, resilient youth.

All of our special events including the Fitness Run for Fun, Halloween Carnival and the Community Activities and Beautification (CAB) committee’s numerous events are included in the Neighborhood and Community Services division. The goal is to bring our culturally diverse community together to share and celebrate that diversity.

Programs such as Meals on Wheels, older adult programming, and contract classes are part of the Health and Wellness division which provide vital lifelines and social connections to the community.

Our largest division, the Facility Operations and Resources division, which we consider the backbone of the department, provides the staffing and facilities to support all of the department’s recreational programs and community needs.

Through these divisions the Recreation & Community Services Department continually strives to...

"Creating Unity in Community"