Traffic Signals & Street Lights

Traffic Signals
The City of La Palma operates and maintains 21 fully actuated traffic signals. The signals are maintained through a Traffic Signal Maintenance Contractor.

To report an outage or malfunction of a traffic signal contact the Engineering Division of the Public Works Department at (714) 690-3310 during regular business hours or (714) 690-3370 after business hours or on weekends.

Street Lights
The majority of the street light poles in the City of La Palma are owned and maintained by Southern California Edison (SCE). To report an inoperable street light, call SCE at (800) 611-1911 or report the outage at the SCE website.

Please provide the following information:

  • Address where the pole is located as well as the cross street
  • The pole number painted on the pole or engraved on a metal tag placed at eye-level
  • Describe the problem with the street light (example: burned out, flickering, working intermittently)

Should SCE tell you that this is not one of their poles, please contact the Public Works Department at (714) 690-3310 or email Public Works.