Police Interaction with Youth (PIY)

The Police Interaction with Youth (PIY) program was designed by the La Palma Police Department as a decision-making program to educate sixth graders about laws that are relevant to their age, such as bicycle helmets, riding scooters, and truancy.

PIY provides youth with a process and motivation to make proper choices when faced with peer group pressure and familiarizes them with general safety information. PIY also informs sixth grade students about playground and gang violence and provides the students with conflict / resolution skills. The police officer instructor discusses how to develop positive self-esteem and the negative consequences associated with controlled substance and alcohol abuse.

The PIY program is an eight-week interactive classroom presentation based on an informed decision-making model. The program is designed to foster critical thinking and positive leadership characteristics as the center of all decision-making, rather than just using a standard response for every circumstance.

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