Bike Patrol

Three officers make up the La Palma Police Department’s Bicycle Enforcement Team. The Bike Team is deployed throughout the City on an as needed basis. You can frequently see the Bike Patrol Team at various community events. Officers assigned to the Bike Patrol Team are regular patrol officers who work as members of the Team as needed.

In Schools
The Bike Team is highly visible and highly mobile in a congested environment, and is closer in proximity to the students as they travel to and from school. They are able to get through traffic quickly and respond to problem areas during the early morning and mid-afternoon traffic near the schools.

bike patrol_thumb.jpg

In the City
The Bike Team is one of our tools we can deploy as direct enforcement in problem areas within the City. They are able to patrol the apartment complexes within the City, moving quickly and quietly through the apartments. The Bike Team has the ability to ride upon suspects with little or no warning, giving the officers a tactical advantage.