Public Records

The City Clerk’s Office manages the legislative history of the City of La Palma, and maintains and preserves official City documents and records in accordance with Federal and State legal mandates and local policies.

There are a large number of records that are accessible by the public, many in electronic format and some in paper format. Certain electronic records are now available online through the City’s website using Laserfiche WebLink, a web interface that provides access to the City’s growing electronic records database. This webpage provides an overview of the database and how to use the system.

Accessing the Online Database

The online database of records can either be searched or browsed through. Please note, pop-up blockers must be disabled in your browsers to fully utilize the records database. Further, only a limited number of users can access the database simultaneously. If you have difficulty linking to the system, you may need to try re-linking to the system in a few minutes.

Browse is the default view. Browse the folders contents by clicking on a folder. The contents of the selected folder, is then displayed. Click on a file to view the document. You can also search records by using the search box at the top of the page.

When a document is displayed, the Properties Pane on the left shows the properties and metadata for the folder/file selected in the Contents Pane. The Linked Documents section shows directly-related documents. Click on the link to open the related document. To preview images of a file, click Thumbnails located at the top of the Properties Pane.

The Toolbar located at the top of the Contents Pane on the right allows you to customize the view. You can go back on or advance pages by scrolling or clicking on the Previous Page or Next Page buttons on the Toolbar. You can also jump to a specified page by typing in a page number and clicking the Go button. The Toolbar also provides other viewing options - convert to PDF, zoom in or out, fit page or width, view plain text, and view in full screen.

In order to email, print, or save a document, you must convert the file to PDF by clicking on the PDF button on the Toolbar. The PDF conversion tool has a limit of 100 pages. If a document has more than 100 pages, you will need to perform multiple conversions by designating a page range in the Print window.

Formal Public Records Request

For assistance using the Laserfiche WebLink feature or to place a formal Public Records Request, please email the City Clerk’s office or call (714) 690-3334.