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Drought Tolerant Landscape Planning
Single-Family Landscaping

The La Palma Zoning Code states that landscaping should encourage the use of drought-tolerant plant materials, drip irrigation systems, and minimal use of turf and artificial turf, where feasible. Landscape design should encourage the implementation of landscape maintenance practices that foster long-term water conservation. 

No permit is required from the City for planting drought-tolerant plant materials and associated irrigation within the front yard of residential properties.

A no-fee permit is required for the installation of artificial turf in front yards of residential properties. A completed application, manufacturer brochure and a small sample of the synthetic grass material are all that is necessary for the City Planner to help process the no-fee permit over the counter.

Online Resources

REBATES: Information on the latest outdoor and indoor rebates through the Municipal Water District of Orange County (MWDOC) can be researched online at their website

PHOTOS: Curious as to what a specific type of vegetation looks like that you may be considering for your yard? Then you will want to tryout The University of California, Berkeley's Cal Photos: Plants website The website provides a searchable online  image database with nearly 250,000 plants.

LANDSCAPE CONTRACTORS: If you are in search of a landscape contractor you will want to visit The California Landscape Contractors Association website   Information on how to hire is on the website and an online contractor search is on the website

TRAINING: The Metropolitan Water District of Southern California is sponsoring California Friendly Landscape Classes Their Trainers provide an overview of how to develop a successful California Friendly Garden and cover the following topics: Taking A Watershed Approach; Building A Healthy Soil Sponge; Evaluating and Designing Your Site; Selecting The Right Plant In The Right Place; Using Rainwater As A Resource; and Managing Your Irrigation Properly. Information on the location of California Friendly Landscape Training Programs are listed on their website along with the option for online courses.

CALIFORNIA FRIENDLY GARDENS: Information on how to transform your existing water hungry landscape into a California (Water)Friendly landscape can found on The Metropolitan Water District of Southern California's website

ARTIFICIAL GRASS: The Synthetic Turf Council is a non-profit dedicated to serving as a resource information about synthetic turf. They have useful technical guidelines that can be accessed on their website

XERISCAPING: Xeriscaping means landscaping designed specifically for areas that are susceptible to drought or for properties where water conservation is practiced. is an online resource for home and garden xeriscaping that can help people better understand their xeriscaping options that can be accessed on the website