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City of La Palma
7822 Walker Street
La Palma, CA 90623
Ph: (714) 690-3300
Fx: (714) 523-2141
Economic Development
The City of La Palma’s economic development activities are designed to stimulate local business growth, of both large and small companies, and generate additional new jobs in the community. The City is responsive to any new business that shows an interest in locating within the City as well as attracting complementary new businesses to become part of our business community.

Economic Development Plan

The City's Economic Development Plan, is used to identify the programs, activities, and strategies which are summarized in the Economic Development Action Plan to ensure that La Palma’s business climate remains competitive and is prosperous well into the future. The City of La Palma is focused on providing a business friendly organization and one that is highly responsive to the local business community and those interested in selecting La Palma as their place of doing business.

Business Attraction and Retention

The City of La Palma understands the importance of a strong and thriving business environment. The City is keenly aware that the economic strength and stability of the City is largely dependent upon the local businesses that select La Palma as their place to do business.

The City’s retention and attraction initiatives includes marketing of La Palma’s strengths which include among other things, its ideal central and convenient location, exceptional public safety, qualified and educated labor pool, and excellent quality of life.

Grounded in La Palma’s pro-business attitude is direct personal outreach to companies as a complementary component of our business retention and attraction effort. Business access to the Mayor and executive staff is a scheduling priority. For those looking to expand or relocate in La Palma, the City has a “Jump Start” program which is a no-fee pre-development consultation. We also offer no-charge Zoning Verification letters to minimize risk and encourage lenders. The City strives to help its valued businesses with their compliance with State and Federal regulations. 

For more information, please contact the Community Development Director at (714) 690-3322.

Lunch with the Mayor Program

The City of La Palma is very focused on fostering a positive and business responsive City Government especially during these rapidly changing times. The City offers a lunch with the Mayor to allow businesses to meet directly with City Council leadership and share how the City can help your business achieve its goals. Should you be interested in such a meeting please contact 714-690-3322 to arrange a time and date.

Available Commercial Properties

The Community Development Department has established an inventory list of potential commercial sites within the City for new or existing businesses desiring to relocate within the City of La Palma.  To access the inventory simply click on the corresponding address below.  If you are a broker or commercial property owner and interested in posting your commercial property please contact Community Development Director Douglas Dumhart at (714) 690-3322.

Centerpointe La Palma Business Campus (Space Available & Brochure)
5418 La Palma Avenue (Brochure)
12 Centerpointe Drive (Brochure)  

Business Licenses

Business Licenses are required for all businesses located or operating in the City of La Palma. For new businesses the first year license fee is only $93.00 and can be purchased on-line.

Business Resources

California Economic Trends 

Economic Policy Institute 

Economics & Statistics Administration 

U.S. Department of Commerce 

Congressional Budget Office 

National Association for Business Economics 

International Trade Administration 

Federal Reserve web sites offer information related to policies, trends, and forecasts:

  1. Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System, including research, historical data, and   the Monetary Policy Report to the Congress.
  2. At the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis you can also easily find economic research and FRED II, a database of economic and financial statistics historical data.

United States Government web sites are excellent sources of historical data and economic projections. 

  1. See the Congressional Budget Office for current budget and economic projections.
  2. U.S. Census Bureau 
  3.  Bureau of Labor Statistics is a good source of historical data related to unemployment and inflation (CPI and PPI).
  4. US. Department of Commerce, Bureau of Economic Analysis is an excellent source of historic economic and industry specific data.
  5.  U.S. Department of Commerce Economics and Statistics Administration
  6. U.S. Department Of Commerce, Trade and Economic Analysis 

Other sites that are useful to business economists include:

  1. National Association of Business Economists
  2. The Conference Board: includes economic research and the Consumer Confidence Index
  3.  New York Stock Exchange 
  4.  NASDAQ 
  5.  Standard & Poors 
  6.  Federation of Tax Administrators (State tax rates and structures)

The following web sites may be interesting to real estate professionals and people interested in economic forecasts should see the website for the Mortgage Bankers Association of America:

  1. Mortgage Bankers Association of America: This site includes economic and mortgage finance forecasts. 
  2.  National Association of Homebuilders 
  3.  Appraisal Institute

There are many web sites that are dedicated to adding to the public’s general knowledge of economics, forecasting, economic research and forecasts, economics resources on the Internet, and the history of economic thought. Some very good examples of these include:

  1. National Bureau of Economic Research 
  2.  WCSU List: Economics Internet Resources 
  3.  Economics Concepts Glossary

-Tax Centers
-Small Business Forum
-IRS Video Portal

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